Frank M. Gavila
404 Cypress Road
Ocala, FL  34472
352-680-1454 (fax)

Brief Description:

ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of traditional and advanced-technology air sampling instruments, airflow calibrators, filter holders, consumables and accessories.

Air Sampler product lines include; high and low volume, tritium, C-14 and battery-powered air sampling systems.  Various models are available for both portable and environmental sampling systems.

Consumable product line includes; filter paper, TEDA impregnated charcoal cartridges and silver zeolite cartidges.  F&J provides comprehensive collection efficiency data for radioiodine collection cartridges.

ANSI/UL electrical safety certifications are available for most Digital flowmeter air samplers and for analog low volume air sampler systems.

F&J manufacturers the premier line of small lightweight emergency response air samplers which can operate from line power, on-board batteries or an external DC power source.  Battery powered units have on-board charging systems.

AC/DC air sampling systems are available for remote solar power or wind turbine alternative energy air sampling applications.